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Pack of Wolves Sweater

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Wolves get a bad rap. Sure, they’re known to group up into aggressive packs, but some wolves just want to have fun. You can’t be a ferocious killer twenty-four hours a day, sometimes you have to rock out with your tongue out. Wolves are better at chilling than any other creature on Earth, and that’s a scientific fact. It’s easy to forget that modern dogs are nothing but watered down versions of wolves, and as such, it’s important to pay tribute to these mellow and murderous creatures. Still, you wouldn’t want to hang out with them. Like celebrities, wolves are best admired from very far away.

            Have no fear, because the Pack of Wolves Sweater is here. The color represents the fur of their prey, the double wolf heads stretch their tongues out in a pure expression of blissful blood lust, and the paw prints on the trim show that wolves roam where they please. The two full sized wolves on the back are guaranteed to never rip you apart in a crazed frenzy, unless you happen to provoke them, in which case, all bets are off. None the less, wolves are an important and terrifying part of our world, and this sweater celebrates everything that’s good about these cold blooded party animals. Show the world that you support one of man’s most ferocious natural enemies with this killer sweater.

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