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  • Mary Maxim Hoe Down Sweater
  • Mary Maxim Hoe Down Sweater

Hoe Down Sweater

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Some special events in life call for a special outfit, and a hoedown is one of those events. It can be hard to identify clothing that’s appropriate for “hoeing down,” but this sweater proudly displays that it can, indeed, be properly worn at any hoedown, and there are few articles of clothing that can state that with confidence.

            The sweater in question is not only perfect for hanging and hoeing around, but it also serves as an excellent guide to the very art of hoeing down. With a slick looking gentleman hoeing to the left and a fast footed gal hoeing to the right, this sweater stands as a testament to hoedowns and everything they represent, such as raw emotion, unbridled passion and true love. Plus, you’ll never look out of place at any barn based party.

            As a bonus, a variety of musical notes grace the sweater, reminding everyone that views it that this is, indeed, a dance move. A grand staff adorns each sleeve, setting the tempo of the shirt to a hoedown worthy pace, and the musical notes that run along the bottom of the sleeves and torso help the static, inanimate drawings to eternally keep the right rhythm.

            There isn’t much else to say about this sweater, except that every man should own it. The look is unique and fresh, and at least you’ll know that you are ready for any occasion, whether it involves hoeing or not.

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