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10 celebrities who aren’t afraid to don fabulously kitsch Christmas sweaters

Posted on December 09 2015

Ah, Christmas. A time for kissing beneath mistletoe, feasting like kings upon turkey and pudding, mainlining eggnog … and dressing up in ridiculous Christmas sweaters.

Once a dreaded annual gift from that weird aging aunt you never speak to, knitted woolen Christmas sweaters are now officially so tacky they’re cool. I’m calling it, people.

Need more convincing? Check out this list of fashion-forward celebs, actors and even rappers who weren’t afraid to clad themselves head to hips in jolly snowmen, Santas, Christmas trees and reindeer.

1. English actor Colin Firth blue steels with a reindeer

Colin Firth in a Christmas sweater


2. American actor Matt Damon embraces all of Santa’s different hipster beards

Matt Damon in a Christmas sweater


3. Comedian Andy Richter, boxer Mike Tyson, TV host Conan O’Brien and drummer Max Weinberg camouflage themselves

Andy Richter, Mike Tyson, Conan O'Brien and Max Weinberg in Christmas sweaters.


4. Actors Donald Glover and Danny Pudi celebrate Black Santa

Donald Glover and Danny Pudi in Christmas sweaters.


5. Rapper Snoop Dogg shares a pipe with Frosty the Snowman

Snoop Dogg in a Christmas sweater


6. Rapper Kanye West actually looks pretty fashionable in this one

Kanye West in a Christmas sweater


7. Rapper CeeLo Green sports a fetching Christmas sweater-scarf combo

CeeLo Green in a Christmas sweater


8. One Direction’s Harry Styles gets the girls even clad in kitschy knit sweaters

One Direction's Harry Styles in a Christmas sweater


9. Singer Justin Beiber and TV host Ryan Seacrest look pretty happy with their Yuletide choices

Justin Beiber and Ryan Seacrest in Christmas sweaters


10. Singer-songwriter John Mayer salutes reindeer and Christmas trees

John Mayer in a Christmas sweater


If sweaters don’t float your boat but knitted Christmas stockings do, boy can I help you with that.

Head on over to Hand Knit Holiday, where you can mix and match any of our 24 hand-knit Christmas stockings and even have your family’s names stitched across the front, free.

Merry Christmas!

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