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Tribal Bird Totem Sweater

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What’s there to say about tribal bird totems? They are worshipped as spiritual objects, they can’t really fly and they’re incredibly easy for bird watchers to study. Most importantly, though, tribal bird totems are renowned for their fashionable nature. Every major fashion designer has taken inspiration from these totems, even if they don’t realize it, and it’s only a matter of time until models are replaced entirely with inanimate tribal bird totems. When that happens, tribal bird totems will be on the way out, since everyone knows that a popular fashion trend doesn’t last longer than about half a year.

Before we say goodbye to these magnificent bird like totems, pick up the Tribal Bird Totem Sweater. The dark brown tone almost screams with bird like totem pride, and four different bird totems grace the front of this masterpiece, which means you’ll be four times as fashionable as you usually are. The white pattern trim on the top, bottom and sleeves will remind all of your friends that you’re a tribal kind of person, and the bonus totem bird on the back will shoot a stink eye at all of your enemies. With five birds, endless attitude and a tribal swagger, this sweater is perfect for tribal bird lovers, totem enthusiasts and anyone with a torso.

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